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Underwater World Scuba Center is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving your community with superior scuba diving classes since 1997. Enroll for our beginners' scuba class, specialty training, or advanced scuba training at a competitive price. Our instructors are highly trained, and you'll definitely enjoy your scuba diving classes with us.
Frank and Linda

Certified Scuba Divers and Owners

Both, Frank and Linda, started diving in the mid-80s. After being certified in the Florida Keys, Frank completed more advanced courses. On the other hand, Linda completed her certification and went on exotic dive trips to Bonaire, the Bahamas, Nassau, Turks and Caicos, the Caymans, Belize, St. Croix, and Fiji.

In a few years, Frank learned that the dive shop where he got his start was closing, so he and Linda started out on their own.
Scuba Facility

Largest Scuba Facility in Cincinnati

In May of 1997 Frank and Linda decided to build a dive shop with an on-site heated pool. It’s the only dive shop in the Cincinnati area with an on-site heated pool. Most shops rely on high schools for pool rental. Here at Under Water World you have smaller classes and more pool time. With all the time in the water you are definitely ready for the open water.
Scuba diving

Family-Owned and Operated Scuba Facility

The thrill and excitement of scuba diving continues in the Krailler family. They have four children who are all certified divers. Kim, the oldest is a PADI certified instructor at Under Water World. Four of the grandchildren are certified divers with other two to follow.
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